About Virtuly

Creating relations

We are a sales and marketing bureau that creates and strengthens deep strategic relations for our customers.

Virtuly builds your next-gen marketing motor based on marketing automation, personal branding, relationship marketing, and the market’s most innovative products.


Our Teams

Creative teams

Our teams consist of creative and dedicated professionals educated within both traditional marketing, communication, and IT.

Virtuly came into existence as a result of what we were missing in the market. Today we help our customers with building and strengthening professional relations.




We create strategic relations for our customers. Our services bring our customers closer to their potential customers through marketing automation, personal branding, and relationship marketing. We can increase your network much faster than you can do yourself.


Booking of meetings

A new method

We are first-movers and our main focus is always to create new innovative campaigns. We put you in contact with decision-makers in a way that has not yet been seen in the Danish market. We can book meetings in a much more effective way and we guarantee that you only get meetings with people that have already shown interest in you or your company.


Personal branding

It's about you

Personal branding is of utmost importance for how you and your company appear when you are networking, finding new relations, and creating awareness with new potential customers.

Our services include communication schedules for personal branding, which helps you and your company create the perception that you wish such that you always are in the top-of-mind awareness with your customers.



Growth scenarios

Our customer base mainly consists of businesses that expect growth scenarios within the close future. Via robotics, AI and Business Intelligence we create relations that are fitted for our customer’s needs and target groups.




We support the United Nations’ Global Goals for sustainable development via a co-ownership of All Ears, where 35% of the employees have a vision impairment. Moreover, we support  foreningslivet, and Team Rynkeby, which have our support due to a former colleague’s harsh story. 



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